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Both a veteran and a champion DJ CZA, tells us about his journey that has led to the creation of Malaysia's biggest and most successful hip-hop movement.


ADM: How did you get your start in Malaysia?

CZA: It the year 2001, I came to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to finish a degree and enrolled myself to a Dj Academy called Playaz Universe. There I learned the basics of Djing and Turntablism.

ADM: What pushed you to start 16 Baris?

CZA: A couple years ago everything seemed monotonous with the regular shows and club gigs, I asked myself, all these years in the scene, is this it? Then I got a text one day from Joe saying that he wanted to do a cypher show where we feature local rappers to spit a 16 bars on youtube, I agreed to the concept and the rest was history.

ADM: When was the moment you knew that it was more than just a movement?

CZA: Our initial plan was just to provide a platform for the new and current generation of rappers to showcase their art while highlighting the regional Hip Hop scene. During the first 16 Baris concert that was held at The Bee, we did not expect the turnover to be as huge. The fact that thousands of people were waiting to get into a 500 pax venue to support the show, it was a bigger wave than we expected, at the moment we knew that it was much larger that we thought. Witnessing the growth of the featured Rappers is a prove that its more than a movement.

ADM: What's next for your and 16 Baris?

CZA: The concert for season 2 is in the works. Season 3 should kick of at the end of the year. 16 Baris Thailand season 1 is airing right now and getting a very good response. As for me, I wish to highlight more elements of Hip Hop in the future.


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