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A Message into the New Year from all of us here at Asia DJ Magazine

We hope you've enjoyed the last 2 months of articles here at Asia DJ Magazine. Personally for us here at ADM, it's been a pleasure being able to bring the voices of DJs who might not normally be heard in a English platform to you.

What we aim to achieve in the next year is to further our reach around Asia and help spread the word that Dance music, all of it, is starting to make it's mark in Asia.

That slowly and surely despite all the challenges that we face as people who love dance music, that there will be a better tomorrow and that for all the DJs out there who haven't been heard, that there will be a place for you to give you a voice.

When we started ADM we knew that it would be an uphill battle against an industry that might not be supportive of what we might do. After all, Asia despite it's large area has only been nothing more than a footnote in the eyes of the world.

We knew that there were many voices here that would be drowned out by the heavy marketing and media from outside of Asia, bringing about a position that DJs not from Asia were more important than our own.

It was with that we decided that we wanted to help DJs around Asia. Not just the Asia we knew from where we are based, but Asia as a whole. That meant covering DJs and finding out events from countries that we've never been to and trying to do research in languages we were unfamiliar with.

It wasn't easy and we know that it isn't going to get any easier.

We hope that those of you here who have started your journey into discovering more Asian Dance Music with us will be able to help us work with the voices that aren't heard yet.

Feel free to contact us on our Instagram or our Facebook.

You can even email us to tell us about shows and people we should talk to.

With that we wish everyone well in the year 2019 and may we all rave together!


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