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ADM Selections: Euphoria EP by Masayoshi Iimori

Track List

1. Euphoria

2. Rave Revolt

3. FMW

If you're an avid fan of rhythm music games, you probably would have come across Masayoshi Iimori tracks while tapping away on the gaming consoles. Based in Tokyo, this young DJ/Producer has already produced multiple tracks for renowned game developers such as Nintendo and Konami as well as releasing tracks with major EDM record labels such as Mad Decent, Fool's Gold, Barong Family and more.

Taking inspiration from video games and integrating it with bass and various electronic sub genres, Masayoshi Iimori is able to create his own unique style that is apparent in his productions especially in his latest EP "Euphoria".

The 3 track EP features "Euphoria" a melodic dubstep track fused with unique hybrid sounds that feels like the name itself! While "Rave Revolt" is totally a track made for the big room and festivals with its heavy kicks and fierce synths. "FMW" is a modern take on a classic sounding house track that really display Masayoshi Iimori's flavour in our opinion!


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