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ADM Selections: Rebirth by ZhiroC

Track List

1. "Realm of Nothingness" "07:34"

2. "A New Light" "05:19"

A new release by Singaporean Psy-Trance label 7Colours Records, ZhiroC is a young producer based in the Lion City. This 2 Track EP is his first release under a label.

Both tracks "Realm of Nothingness" and "A New Light", are deep melodic atmospheric tracks that you'll enjoy on a long drive home. This EP is exactly what you expect it to be with few surprises in between.

"Realm of Nothingness" has dark undertones that lead you onto a journey where you can feel the neon colours of a festival touch you while you're going at top speed through a dark tunnel of sound.

"A New Light" brings back the 90's industrial rave feel you'd expect out of an action flick like The Matrix or xXx. With it's repeating synthesisers, this song will embrace you in it's melodic embrace and take you on a ride.


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