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ADM Selections: The Almighty EP by WUKONG

Track List

1. "The Monkey King" Feat. Inquisitive

2. "MAYA" Feat. KAKU

3. "Asura"

4. "Naga Fire(Pop On That $hit)"

Meet Singapore based DJ/Producer WUKONG, the newest entry into Asia's bass music scene with his New 4 track EP "The Almighty" which debut on 11 January this year. Collaborating with fellow Singaporean producer Inquisitive and Taiwan based producer KAKU, "The Almighty" EP is released by Bad Royale's record label Rude Mood Records.

Just like the visually striking cover, WUKONG's The almighty EP is inspired by ancient Asian mythology with tasteful use of oriental and exotic sounds coupled with heavy influences of Psytrance, Trap, Jungle, Jersey Club and Hardstyle, the result is a pure 10 minutes of "Bass-in-your-face" bliss that is definitely festival ready anytime to get your fist pumping!

The future is sure looking bright for this young talent and just like everyone in the bass scene, we are most definitely looking forward to hearing more from WUKONG!


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