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Beyond K-Pop: Enoch An

In a continuation of our previous series, Beyond K-Pop, we speak to Enoch An about his experiences with K-Pop and what it means to be an up and coming Independent DJ in Korea.


ADM: As an up and coming DJ and Producer how has K-Pop influenced your work?

EN: Almost everyday I listen to K-Pop, I can't escape it where I'm at, it's on every form of media around me. That said the variations of K-Pop songs has influenced me on how I produce various parts of different songs. With that you could say that K-Pop is an umbrella term that covers many genres.

ADM: How do you think Korean Producers can break the stereotype that all music is K-Pop?

EN: K-Pop can be divided on a Timeline, such as 80s, 90s, 2000s, and modern K-Pop. Despite it being a catch-all phrase for most of the music that comes out of Korea, I'd say that breaking the stereotype on the term will definitely happen. It's happened before and Korean producers will always innovate.

ADM: Have you produced a K-Pop track?

EN: Yeah! It was a Hip-Hop Trap track called Lollipop. Did it a few years ago with an artist called Ven Tunes.

ADM: That said is there any new up and coming Korean artiste that you'd recommend?

EN: Justin Levai! He's a young up and coming artiste who's making waves in the industry!


You can find Enoch at

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