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EPIZODE: Expanding House and Techno in Asia

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

The Enigmatic Peggy Gou in her custom LV Pajamas

Situated only an hour's flight away from the capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, on the island of Phú Quốc was the EPIZODE music festival. Spanning over 12 days, it's 4 stages featured a wide array of House, Techno, Tech House and Trance DJ's from all over the world.

With the likes of heavy hitters like Peggy Gou, Ferry Corsten and Nick Warren gracing the main stage, what EPIZODE has shown with its 3rd instalment is that Asia is starting to open up more to the genres heard in the festival. With participants spending each day dancing to the eclectic sounds of their favourite DJs from noon to dawn.

An interesting addition this year was the inclusion of the Pioneer DJ sponsored Eggs Stage. Besides having set up one of the four amazing stages at the festival, on the second day of the new year, Pioneer DJ took over the stage and brought in the best from around Asia.

DJ Optikz from Thailand had this to say about playing at EPIZODE.

"It was an amazing feeling to have all people around that who love electronic music gathering together. I enjoyed every moment from noon to dawn. I was so surprised watching people just be themselves! It'll be great to be able to play this stage again next year. Hopefully, everyone who came this round can come again next year as well!"

DJ Optikz from Thailand

DJ Steve Wu from Korea chimed in as well.

"I have to say the week at EPIZODE was a life changing experience for me. I loved the vibe & energy people shared who love underground music on that beautiful island and it was so lucky to meet DJs from all over the Asia who represent each country. I hope to go back next year!"

Finishing up the Pioneer Showcase at dawn was Nuckin' Futs and Tech'1 from Singapore. When asked how they felt about their experience playing at the festival here's what they had to say.

"I'd like to firstly thank Pioneer DJ for selecting their best DJs across Asia and putting them in this lineup, especially Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore for making this happen in Epizode. And of course, my partner Tech'1 who did a back to back set with me, because without him it wouldn't have been such an amazing experience."

Nuckin' Futs continued by saying," I am very grateful and happy because I got to play music which I learnt DJing from - Tech House and Bass. Being invited for this showcase and staying for a week in Phú Quốc has definitely opened my mind towards techno music and reignited my passion."

Nuckin' Futs and Tech'1 during the sunrise set

Following that Tech'1 had this to say.

"DJing outside of my comfort zone of genres sure did make me stronger, not just as a DJ but as a person as well. Epizode has been nothing but amazing. Shoutout to the Pioneer DJ Global and Asian fam for taking care of us. The Eggs Stage with the Pioneer XY speakers sure added dynamics to the floor as well.

Playing the main set during the Pioneer DJ showcase was definitely an honour and I’m humbled to be given the chance to. Rocking the crowd with the sunrise set and watching the sun rise while DJing, that was definitely one thing off my bucket list for my DJing career."

With it's amazing attendance numbers and wide array of DJs from around the world, EPIZODE can be said to be sign of change in the music taste of the Asian dance community.


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