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For Your Super Guilty Pleasure

Just last weekend in the city of Singapore, over a hundred people showed up at a small corner off Haji Lane in a club called Cato to celebrate their love for music.

Working with brands such as Miller and Pioneer DJ Singapore and Vietnam, Super Guilty Pleasures is just one of the many new efforts by DJs in the region to promote non-commercial music in an extremely commercial city.

"We aim to be beyond Genres, ideally we want to put in line-ups that transcend genres and break the norms of what people expect to see for a show being run in Singapore," said Den Wong, otherwise known as Nuckin' Futs, who is one of the organisers of the night.

"Our aim is to unite everyone in the dance music community together no matter the genre, just like how we work in Mix Us Happy, the goal of Super Guilty Pleasures is to bring people together and help foster better relations and spread positivity while at the same time expanding the minds of the audience to be more accepting of different genres"

Hopefully shows like this can bring about a new wave of interest in underground dance music in the Lion City.


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