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Hi, I'm Looking For Molly

Blonde Girl in Club as a Drug Metaphor
Have You Seen My Friend Molly?

With 2 highly publicised cases of drug deaths in Australia and Vietnam recently, the age old culture of drug taking that has been associated with dance music is being thrown into the spotlight again.

Drug culture has definitely been influential when to comes to dance music and how drugs influence the way you experience music. With hits such as Molly by Cedric Gervais and I Can't Feel My Face by The Weekend being popular staples in both Dance and Commercial clubs, the popularity of drugs in music cannot be denied.

While most recreational drugs are illegal, it hasn't stop attendees of dance music events from attaining them. New attempts to curb this terrifying trend such as volunteer chemist testing illegal drugs and restricting the number of licenses for large scale events may assist in helping lower the number of drug deaths, what's important to remember is how deeply connected drug culture and dance music is.

With a recorded rise in the number of deaths related to drugs and dance music, it is important for us to stay safe at festivals and do our bests to help our fellow ravers if they ever get in trouble.


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