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In Search Of Solitude: MYRNE

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

The first Asian artist ever to be signed to Diplo's Mad Decent and now to ULTRA MUSIC, MYRNE, is a household name in his country of Singapore as one of the best producer/DJs the island state has ever had.

With his new album launching this Saturday at Zouk Singapore, we sit with him to ask about his journey so far.


ADM: Having toured globally and played the top festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra, how would you describe your journey through the years? 

MY: It's been an eye-opening experience, not just as a musician but as a human being in general. I've played in tones of places all over the world, and often make it a point to stay a couple more days if schedule permits - just to learn more about the particular city, culture, and history I find myself in. That definitely keeps me sane and gives me bigger goals than just being the BEST artist or BEST producer in the world - I’d describe my journey as being measured and consistent, because you can never plan for hit songs or ‘breakout moments’ but you can almost always commit to a routine. As put by one of my idols, David Byrne, growth should be managing a “lifetime in music,” as opposed to a short stint. 

ADM: What are your thoughts on Dance Music in Asia and it's growth in the recent years?

MY: When you look at the history of music in the region, Western music has always led the charge in revolutionizing industries - from influencing Japanese rock bands after WWII, or the rise of Goa trance in India via hippie tourism in the 1980s-1990s. I feel there will always be an inherent disadvantage if various Asian markets attempt to play catch-up all the time; we’re better off searching for a sound that’s unique to each of our respective environments.


ADM: What can we expect from your new Album?

MY: The impetus for this album came after I performed a set at Hard Summer in 2017 courtesy of Brownies & Lemonade - at that point, I felt as though my discography was the work of an imitator, and that I hadn’t truly found a ‘sound’ that was original to me. So I took some time off of touring, stayed in Singapore, and returned to my love for melodies that made me interested in dance music in the first place. It’s a very introspective, personal work, and a tiny journal of my career in electronic music thus far.

ADM: What's next for MYRNE? 

MY: I’ll be on tour in the US in October, playing a mix of headline shows and support gigs with Manila Killa. It’ll be the first time I’ll be doing a live set as opposed to a set with CDJs, which is always exciting for any artist. I’ve also taken on some commercial projects which I had a lot of fun directing music for, and as always I have new music for next year already on the way!


Be sure to catch him at Zouk on 28th September!

"In Search of Solitude" is out 4 Oct 2019


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