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In the Pursuit of Happiness: Dazed P

Having gotten first place in last year's Vietnamese leg of Mix Us Happy, Dazed P has gone on to play amazing shows since his start as a DJ. Working closely with Pioneer DJ Vietnam, he's played around top Trance clubs in Vietnam and even flew down to Singapore for the inaugural Super Guilty Pleasures.

We sit down with this champion to talk about his music.


ADM: What got you started in Mix Us Happy?

DP: Talking about the fate of taking me to Mix Us Happy, I was one of the original contestants for MUH season 1 but had to drop out for personal reasons. Eventually one year later, I came back and ended up becoming the champion for Season 2 in Vietnam.

ADM: How has DJing changed your life? 

DP: I was a shy person before but after my experience with Mix Us Happy, I’ve become more confident, more active and I have new friend and "colleagues". From the bottom of my heart I really have to thank Mix Us Happy for the opportunity to bring me this far.

ADM: Tell us more about the music you play and how did you get into it?

DP: My genre of choice would Trance music. Trance is like a spiritual medicine to me with the most emotional moments. The music has powerful melodies but which invoke powerful emotions when you listen to it. No genre is good or bad, music is subjective to who's listening. We enjoy it based of how it effects us and if we like how we feel.

ADM: From Mix Us Happy, to Arcan and now Epizodes Festival, did you ever expect yourself to get here? 

DP: Winning Mix Us Happy Vietnam 2018 is really like a dream for me. I have never thought that I would stand on the same stage with the famous celebrities who I've only seen on YouTube like Ferry Corsten, Pan Pot, Nina Kraviz, DubFire. With that said, my dreams have come true.

ADM: What's next for Dazed P?

DP: In the next year I will be releasing a new podcast series. I am very happy and thankful to everyone for your following and support of my upcoming plans;)

ADM: Do you have anything you'd like to say to aspiring DJ's who are in Vietnam who would want to follow in your footsteps? 

DP: Live with your passion, light it up like a big flame and believe with your ability. When you find your own passion, you'll cross move ahead faster than the people who have not found theirs yet. Always live with your passion and you will not regret in the future.

Thank you!


Be sure to follow Dazed P's Podcast show here.


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