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Interview: Airtouch

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Not a name that is normally heard in dance circles in Singapore but a name that has definitely made waves overseas, Airtouch, is a young Singaporean Trance Producer/DJ who has released some really great music such as "Double Vision" with FXH under Midnight Aurora and "Road to Eden" with GAR.

Having had his first show in Singapore, we met him right before his set to get his thoughts on his journey as a DJ.


ADM: How did you get started in your journey into Trance?

AT: My family used to listen to trance, so it's gave me my roots to love trance. When I started DJing in 2011 when I was 20. I didn't start with trance, I played everything else.

I got my start with E-Trax in Singapore. I got my first gig in Blujaz where I played house music. Eventually I played other gigs and somewhere along the line I started producing music. During that period I started DJing a lot more in bars to pay the bills.

I used to walk around with my computer asking people to listen to what ever I made on FL studio and asked what people thought. I wasn't really experienced in production and didn't have many leads. It was a different time back then. Luckily for me I had a few friends here and there including Nuckin' Futs who gave me advice on how to improve and make better music.

ADM: How did you feel when you got your first track published?

AT: When I started my journey in Trance I was initially known as Eburnean Rhythm, after a while I changed my alias to Airtouch.

As Airtouch I got my first track signed to midnight aurora. I was happy cause it felt like I finally made my mark as a producer. It gave me a benchmark and was proof that I could do better. The first original, "Double Vision" was a collab with FXH. More recent releases would be an original titled, "A Road to Eden" with GAR on Abora recordings, "Mercy" on Sundance recordings and "Value Of Peace" on Midnight Aurora.

ADM: When you started you used the name Eburnean Rhythm, so what made you make the change?

AT: It's easier for people to recognise me and the alias of a music artiste plays a big part. If it's easier to remember it's better. It should be easy to recognise. That said I might still produce some music with my old name.

ADM: Trance in Singapore has a strong underground following, would you say that it's getting better?

AT: It's improving a lot since I started. With a larger audience and with all the multiple sub genres of trance, especially Psy-trance, we've seen this increase in attendance to many of the Trance events in Singapore.

To make it better I think Singapore needs more producers to bring out the music. Being a trance DJ you're gonna play a lot of music from others but if you produce it'll help grow the community by showing audiences that local talent are able to produce good trance.

ADM: What's next for Airtouch when it comes to performance?

AT: There will be more future gigs in other venues. I'm more focused on production this year. I'm primarily a music artiste so that's my main focus.

ADM: Local Producer Effen recently got his track Hayal played on Armin's ASOT Radio, what are your thoughts on it?

AT: Personally I loved his track. It's an absolute banger and deserved it's spot on A State Of Trance. Definitely something that has made it's mark in the Trance community here in Singapore.


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