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Interview: Chri-Z

From World Class B-Boy to Hard Trap Sensation, Chri-Z is a force of nature you've yet to experience. We sit down with him to talk about his journey of how he went from being one of Malaysia's top dancers to being one of their favourite DJs.


ADM: How did you go from dancer to DJ? CZ: I was a dancer for a while before I became a DJ. I was doing everything I could that was related to music at the time, I even played instruments, guitars, drums, anything I could get my hands on. I essentially knew that I loved music.

As I was leaving the dance industry, I didn't want to stop being related to music. That's why I decided to become a DJ.

ADM: Trap wasn't the biggest thing in Malaysia when you started, you were one of the pioneers for trap music 4 years ago, how was the scene?

CZ: Malaysia's scene for bass and hard dance was terrible back then. No one really understood or listened to the genres. When I started playing Trap back then, I did my best to get my friends and fans first to understand the music before spreading it out and now the movement is picking up.

While the scene is growing, it's still quite underground but there's hope for it!

ADM: Working with No Mercy and It's A Trap, what do you see for Bass Music in Asia?

CZ: I see a great future for it. Bass and Trap definitely have a strong future in Asia. You can see it from the last decade. The most popular music in Asia was either Commercial EDM or Hip Hop and these days the same people who loved those two genres are now going for Hardstyle, Trap and Bass events.

I believe in another year or so, this Bass Movement will probably grow to become mainstream and start taking over.

ADM: What's next for Chri-Z?

CZ: Mainly more shows with the No Mercy team. Our next show is in Bangkok and another series of shows in Kuala Lumpur.

ADM: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

CZ: One of the reasons why I started DJing is my love for Trap Music. I hope to be able to make it more mainstream. I just hope that it won't take too long before people enjoy Trap, Hard Trap and Dubstep.



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