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Interview: Double U

One of Myanmar's bests, Double U sits down with us to talk about his journey as a DJ and DJ-ing in Myanmar


ADM: How did you get your start as a DJ ?

DU: Actually I started my DJ career as music producer first. I remixed some mainstream local hits in 2004 and gained a reputation as a DJ.

ADM: What's your inspiration as a DJ?

DU: It’s all about passion. I feel happy when people danced and reacted to my music. 

ADM: How has the dance music scene grown in the last 5 years?

DU: It was like BOOM! In 2014, there were only 2 small local festivals in Yangon. And after 2015 we had the chance to play the very first international festival with international DJ/Artists.

ADM: With this new wave of events do you think it'll grow bigger?

DU: Definitely. More festivals are coming soon in the upcoming years. Likely Thailand, we are hoping for more tourist attractions too.

ADM: Who would you like to work with?

DU: John Powell, the greatest composer of all-time.  It is my dream... 

ADM: What's next for Double U? 

DU: Movie scores, New-Age and non-edm music.  Coz I always wanted to end up my life with the title of “ COMPOSER “.


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