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Interview: Prakara

Not your everyday Balinese, Prakara is not just another DJ amongst the thousands that ply their trade on the huge tourist destination. Also an environmental activist, he pioneered the "Shame On You" beach clean-up and the "Trashstock Festival". You can find him at Bali staples like Woobar and and Potatohead.


ADM: How did you get your start as a DJ?

PK: I loved collecting records since high school. Back then I collected pop punk, post rock, metal, math rock, and mostly indie bands from Indonesia, it was my hobby is to share my experience that I got when listening to records, and in 2016's Trashstock music festival ,it made me realize that electronic music has huge something behind it. So I start digging electronic music from Indonesia and found a record called "Dentum Dansa Bawah Tanah" and was mind blown by it so then I start digging more and found Jonathan Kusuma, and somehow Jonathan Kusuma was playing at Bali that time and seeing him do his thing made me wanna be a DJ and start digging more and more.

I started DJing in early 2018 after I found a lot of records that i love from 2016 - 2017 and did some DIY gigs with my friends once a week. It started as a way to share my experience finding new records. Shortly after I decided to make a mixtape and was suddenly invited to an underground festival called "Banjar Campout" who asked me to play. It was my first gig and its a festival, it was an extremely unique experience.

ADM: How's your experience being a DJ in Bali for the last 4 years having played at top places like Potato Head and Woobar?

PK: Crowds in Bali are such fun, they really appreciate the love I share on the decks, I was really luck as the new kid on the block. The local collective very generous, they were welcoming to me and asked me to play in their parties, and I had chance to play in Potato head and Woobar because of them. 

ADM: What do you think DJs in Bali and Indonesia can do to push themselves further?

PK: Release more and more, not just mixtapes but an original song, EP or even an album, and making moves as Indonesians in the region through sharing, networking and showcasing together with other DJs from the region.

ADM: What's next for you? 

PK: Maybe an EP haha, got really busy lately making parties with the Loka team, a song is still in progress.


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