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Interview: Rey Irfan

One of youngest DJs in Bass Music in Singapore, Rey Irfan is no stranger to the burgeoning scene. From number 1 supporter to rising DJ, we had the opportunity to sit with him after an amazing performance in KL at the Red Room with WUKONG.


ADM: How did you get your start into DJing?

RI: Well my brothers have a background in DJing for the Indian community. I've always seen them practising and preparing for gigs at home back since 2015. But my taste has always been to bass music. One day I actually tried using my brother's controller at home and actually got addicted to it.

They thought me some basic DJ skills and the rest I would search on YouTube and learned how to DJ from the videos online. Since then I've decided to give DJing a go as a career.

ADM: Could you tell us the history of Barong Family SG and how it turned into the movement it is today?

RI: Well this is a interesting story. On April Fools in 2017, Yellow Claw came down to Zouk Singapore.

I still remember the day for sure. I was attending the gig with a close friend. We were wearing our new Blood For Mercy merchandise which we worked and bought just in time before YC gig.

As I was still 19, the merchandise wasn't cheap. So I met this bunch of peeps, about 4 of them who were wearing YC merch too after the gig. They were super duper dope to see as a crew.

Even though I was afraid to go talk to them, I decided I should go make friends with them or I'll regret for sure. So we talked, made good friends and decided we should party together one day as we love the same trap gods and admire the same genres.

As day goes by we met new peeps who admire and were keen to join us. We do everything from party, travel for music festivals, meet up for food and etc etc. We didn't see ourselves as a crew or just friends. We saw ourselves as a family. We gave ourselves the name Barong Family SG Streetteam and our only aim was to spread bass music and PLUR Vibes only.

2018 has been the best with them and I love every single one from the family with my whole heart.

ADM: What would you say defines your sound as a DJ

RI: As being a DJ in singapore, I'm pretty sure it's hard to stick your preferred genres in order to get a proper DJ job/residency. No matter how much you try to you will have to play something you dislike. That's from what I know and have seen. So I've tried to follow that formula playing hip hop and big room. The 2 most common genres in singapore. But I don't enjoy it as much as I play hardstyle, trap and hard psychedelic also known as hardpsy. So I decided to stick to only these 3 genres and spread the love of it. When someone asks me what are my sounds I would confidently say, triple H. Hardtrap, Hardstyle and Hardpsy.

ADM: How has joining After Dark Singapore moved you along in your career?

RI: I began working with After Dark Singapore ever since their first event back in St James as an emcee.

After doing several events with them, I realised this is the agency I would love to continue to work with as they promote my favourite genres heavily. Working with them has given me the opportunity to support international acts like Max Enforcer and DBSTF. Currently I'm signed to them as both DJ and emcee.

ADM: What should we look forward from you in the future RI: My career as DJ REY has been going really well and I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and supported me so far.

My only aim as a DJ is to spread Bass music throughout Singapore and guide my fellow Singaporeans to step out the box and explore even more interesting genres.

I've planned to start producing music later in the year and also start a merchandise line to promote my known genres.


Be sure to follow Rey at


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