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Interview: Victoria

Extremely talented and beautiful DJ Victoria has been a mainstay in the Singapore DJ industry from the time where she held her residency at New Asia Bar. She's also known as the front woman of Singaporean Band Catalogue V.

We sit with her to talk about her experiences as a DJ.


ADM: How did you get your start as a DJ coming from a band like Catalogue V? VIC: Actually I was a DJ long before I joined Catalogue V! Music has always been a huge part of my life and I grew up in a family that is musically talented.The love of music was always there, singing, playing piano and guitar…

My first DJ experience came at 16! I told my dad, who is a sound engineer, that I wanted to DJ so he brought me back some vinyl decks and made me learn how to beat match.

I fell in love with the artistry at first, just wanting to experiment how tracks could compliment each other.

I then spent MANY hours over the years learning and practicing and the rest is history!

ADM: How did you meet your mentor Adam Sky?

VIC: My mentor… my Best Friend… Wow, seems like so long ago now.. I first met Adam when I had my residency at New Asia Bar (now Bar Rouge) at the top of the Stamford hotel. It was a Valentines party back in 2012 and Adam was the headliner, he was already a big name in Singapore and the region and I remember thinking “wow I get to play with Adam!” 

As it turned out, he was super lovely, humble, and it was great to meet someone who I respected but was actually down to earth and kind.We remained friends ever since and then he honoured me by asking me to join the other quality artists at Jupiter!

ADM: What was your experience playing Ultra this year? 

VIC: Oh wow! Ultra was such an honour! To be playing alongside the likes of Art Department and Hot Since 82!I was really impressed with the set up and organisation, I felt as though it really allowed me to perform at my best!

I was stoked to meet some Ultranauts beforehand, some of them had travelled from Malaysia and Thailand! It was great to meet people who share my love of music and we talked about how music brings people together.

The Resistance crowd was AWESOME, jumping, dancing, singing, full of energy and so responsive!

ADM: What's next for DJ Victoria?

VIC: There’s a lot of focus on production at the moment, I have a few tracks that I was working on with Adam that I intend to finish and have them released. 

In terms of gigs, the team are currently finalising dates for Singapore, Bali, Cambodia and Manilla.I love that with my job I get to travel, meet new people, experience different cultures and share my love of music so stay tuned!

Ultimately, myself and the rest of the Jupiter family want to #makeAdamProud



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