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It's The Ship: SIVANESH'S TOP 10

Singapore's house scene has had it's ups and downs but right now it's all the way up. With a handful of the best in house rocking up the Anchor Stage on Day 2 of It's The Ship, we talk to Ce La Vi Resident Sivanesh on his 10 favourite tracks.

Presently SIVANESH runs This Is House every Sunday from 10pm onwards. This Is House is a night that encompasses the wide spectrum of the genre, with many guests from Bongomann (Ice Cream Sundays), James Selva and even Jamie React (TropicLab), This Is House is definitely not something you want to miss if you're a House Head.

He had this to say about the tracks in this list. "Most of the tracks listed here, I’ve been playing them out for quite a bit at my gigs. That Lazare Hoche one, I’ve been using that as a sample for the last few weeks, I’m pretty sure my friends have heard that one whenever I play at CÉ LA VI or Tuff Club. Same for Kaye’s edit of Leila.. that was like a bomb when I sampled it on top of another track at Kilo Lounge when I DJed there on my birthday

Yung Raja’s new one has been on repeat a lot, with me and my crew. Singapore Indian dude making some fly music, of course I’m gonna be all over it."

01. LSDXOXO - Death Rattle

02. Overmono - Le Tigre

03. Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie - Work That Booty

04. Paperclip People - Throw (Slam's RTM Remix)

05. Cinthie- This Bomb Is Mine

06. Yu Su - Watermelon Woman

07. KAYE - Leila

08. Yung Raja - Mad Blessings

09. Kamazu - Indaba Kabani (Romain FX aka RFX Edit)

10. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Today's Your Lucky Day (Dub)


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