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Karma Koncrete: Warehouse Party

Karma Klique, a collective in Bangkok known for its intimate gatherings for house-techno music lovers based in unique locations from jungles-to-fair tale castle.-to Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river, mostly known for their Karma Kruise series of parties

and Karma Kastle 2, a three-day musical adventure held in Khao Yai in May.

“We have prepared something very special for this event,”

said founding member Sunju Hargun.

This time they are introducing a new edition to their unique locations with a 8-hour warehouse party 4.00pm until midnight, at the industrial space at About Studio, a 20 minute drive outside of Bangkok, across two floors of the warehouse.

Expect dazzling visuals and top music from 4 international DJs along with local DJs.


“We’ve always been very selective in our musical curation and this will be no different. We don’t care how many Facebook followers the artists we book have - our focus has always been on quality, providing a platform for the very best international and regional talent and we’ve been pleased to be able to introduce our audience to amazing music from artists they may not be familiar with.”

Karma Klique is offering a Double Trouble pack for Karma Koncrete and Karma Kruise 6.0 for only B1,600/early bird. More details to be found here.


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