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Live Mix Maestro: 808GONG

Less than a week before the 8 young competitors duke it out!

We sit today with 808GONG


ADM: So how did you get started?

808: I didn’t pick up DJ-ing until the age of 17. However, I was always a big fan of Bass Music since I was 12. I started out listening to Dubstep in early 2012 and moved on to Trap Music in 2015. Since then I haven't stopped listening to Trap and Dubstep.

Kinda cliché but I picked up DJ-ing because of all the live sets I’ve seen online. My favorite artists such as Boombox Cartel, Rickyxsan, Skrillex, Jack Ü, NGHTMRE. Theyare the main reason why I am such a big Fan of Trap Music. I watch them play live all the time and started off DJ-ing with VirtualDJ. I started creating mashups and my love for DJ-ing grew exceptionally.

When I enrolled into Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2017, I had not yet known of the NPDJ club’s existence. Only in 2018, when I graduated from PFP and moved on to Year 1 did I realise that there was a club for DJs in NP. I immediately joined and quickly picked up DJ-ing with an actual console. Thanks to my mentors DJ Jerms & Zi Gang (The Infamous), I became better at DJ-ing and was able to play what I love to different crowds.

ADM: So what makes you different from the rest?

808: As I mentioned, I am a huge fan of Trap Music, and usually DJ’s tend to specialise in playing only what they like. But I listen to all genres (Hip-Hop, Top 40s, K-POP, House, Big Room)

When I play for crowds or people in general, I never stick to my favourite genre. I am able to cater to young crowds as they love music such as Big Room, House, K-POP and of course Top 40s.

I also have a full on mushroom haircut.

I tend to put a lot of energy when playing live & it’s very easy to see me shouting, screaming or even head banging when the crowd is having a good time!

ADM: So what can we look forward to on Saturday?

808: Expect a blend of modern pop music, Trap Music, K-POP, and of course memes.


You can find 808GONG at


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