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Live Mix Maestro: AYEKAY

We're continuing the countdown to next Saturday's competition!

We talk to AYEKAY.


ADM: So what got you started in DJing?

AK: To be honest I can't really remember. It kind of just happened. I've always loved music and since primary school I was often seen with headphones wherever I go. I think someone said I look like a DJ and that just stuck. I started DJing at my friends' parties in secondary school and it just went on from there. Somewhere along the line I discovered hip hop culture and fell in love with it, so I started learning turntablism (which is part of the 4 elements of HH)

ADM: What sets you aside from the other contestants?

AK: Having a background as a dancer and drummer, the way music connects with me is different from the rest. For me it's on a spiritual level. There is so much more to music, which I've come to discover through my explorations into other forms of art. I feel that I can apply to my DJ routines and sets.

ADM: What can we look forward to seeing from you?

AK: Fun and maybe some dancing from me ;)

ADM: Any last things you'd like to say?

AK: Hip hop hooray!


You can find AYEKAY on


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