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Live Mix Maestro: KIDD ROYALE

With the competition happening tomorrow, we look at the final contestant of Live Mix Maestro 2019 KIDD ROYALE


ADM: So how did you get your start into DJing?

KR: When I was 12 my cousin introduced me to Hardwell’s Spaceman and while watching him DJ I told myself that I want to be like him one day standing in front of thousands of people playing songs I love.

ADM: What makes you stand out from the rest?

KR: My showmanship, my library and my creativity.

ADM: What can we expect from you on the tomorrow?

KR: Me myself and I.

ADM: Anything you'd like to add before the competition?

KR: This is the first gig I’ve every played. So far I’ve only played for myself and friend but never in a club or competition.


We'd like to wish all contestants good luck with the competition tomorrow!

In the meantime you can find KIDD ROYALE at


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