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Mad Thrills: PAST12

A young upstart from Myanmar, PAST12 has played with the best and even had his flips and remixes played by the likes of Joyryde, Skrillex and Yookie. We sit with him to talk about dance music in Myanmar before his show in Singapore.

Catch him this Saturday in Singapore at Wan for Mad Thrills with Inquisitive


ADM: With Dance music growing as quickly as it is in Myanmar, what do you see is the future for you and your friends when it comes to your tour?

P12: The EDM scene has grown so much in the last 5 years in Myanmar. Along with that growth, it is nice to see other DJs stepping up and switching up the game. We wanted to influence the EDM culture to all parts of Myanmar, so me and my fellow DJ friends started a nationwide EDM tour.

During that tour, it was touching to see how much people supported EDM around Myanmar and understand how EDM unites us and bring happiness. I believe the EDM scene will keep growing and I am excited to see the creative growth of local DJs who will keep raising the bar of EDM expectations in Myanmar.

ADM: What would you like to change about Dance Music in Asia? 

P12: I would want to see more diversity in the works of artists. I encourage the audience to be more open-minded with new genres that artists come up with.

I believe that more of the truly talented artists should be supported and promoted rather than commercial ones. That way, EDM would grow and become more influential in Asia.

ADM: Tell us a little about how you and Y3llO met Inquisitive?

P12: I have this friend called Mike Hyper who has always helped me out with my career. He introduced me to Inquisitive and that’s how we became friends.

Then I introduced him to Y3LLO and that’s pretty much how we all knew each other.

ADM: What do you look forward to when playing in Singapore? 

P12: This is my first international show as well as my first time playing in Singapore so I am really excited about seeing the crowd and witnessing its energy. I want to bring happiness to people through music.

I like being creative and unexpected with my sets. So I am looking forward to giving the audience a totally new and different experience with my music. It is definitely my honor to be a part of a legendary night like Mad Thrills.


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Catch him this Saturday in Singapore for Mad Thrills


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