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We sit down with the 10 contestants who are going to go head to head at Pinball Wizard for Mix Us Happy 2019 in Singapore.

Here's our interview with DJ FUNGI


ADM: How do you feel learning from MUH?

FUN: Sick experience. Like not the vomiting kind of sick but the WTH THIS SHIT IS LIT KIND IF SICCCCC. I was like maybe just go there and have fun, but I took home much more than that. Made a bunch of weird-ass friends e.g one who drew R21 stuff with their noses, people who mix like crap but gets the whole crowd dancing and a nerd looking schoolboy who knows more about EDM than you ever will. By really I remembered I was high during my interview, was saying stuff like if yall don't choose me yall would regret? Now I'm thinking if I didn't come, I wouldn't know what I am missing out.

ADM: What can we expect in the finals?

FUN: Yall can expect fungi being himself, in the meantime looking into the crowd for other fungi... Geddit geddit??

Captain: (Fun guy looking for fun girls) flies away zoom

Thx Capt!

ADM: What do you feel now about DJing

FUN: I feel like everyone, and anyone who actually has the passion, or just a little interest, should come and give it a shot! Maybe it might be a bit intimidating, seeing a big station with multiple decks but don't worry cos you will start with a toy controller that functions perfectly. If you don't try you will never know what it is like for sun wukong to lead his troupe of monkeys!



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