We sit down with the 10 contestants who are going to go head to head at Pinball Wizard for Mix Us Happy 2019 in Singapore.

Here's our interview with MICHY


ADM: How do you feel learning from MUH

MIC: It’s been a really great platform to both learn, and grow, as a DJ and a person. I think the best part of it all is that I finally found a place that I could pour my creativity into – with no judgement.

It sounds cliche, but being around people who come from different walks of life (and not to mention, different tastes in music) has reminded me of why I love music in the first place – and that’s because it brings people together.

Long story short: it began to mean more to me than I ever imagined it would.

ADM: What can we expect in the finals?

MIC: A whole lot of “I don’t know whether this is gonna work, but I’m gonna try anyway”. I’m naturally a pretty shy person, but when it comes to music, I can’t hold back. I guess I would say: be prepared to have a whole lot of fun.

People don’t always look like their music taste. I'm a small girl, but I'm here to play some hard bass shit too.

ADM: What do you feel now about DJing?

MIC: It goes beyond playing songs that make you happy, but rather what would make other people happy. Now, I truly believe that music can transcend generations and evoke so much nostalgia and memories from a single song – sometimes, even a lyric.

It’s all about making people happy, it’s a real joy.