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We sit down with the 10 contestants who are going to go head to head at Pinball Wizard for Mix Us Happy 2019 in Singapore.

Here's our interview with ZENITH


ADM: How do you feel learning from MUH?

ZEN: MUH has made me connect to people from all walks of life, all gathered together to learn DJing. From zero knowledge to be able to mix songs and create effects in just 3mths. Simply awesome feeling.

ADM: What can we expect in the finals?

ZEN: For the Finals, don't expect too much from basic DJing but expect high energy from those who turn up to support the fam. After all, we're all there to have fun.

ADM: What do you feel now about DJing?

ZEN: DJing has made me connect to more people and learn what it takes to be under pressure playing in front of a crowd or stage. It has also given me a new skill set and made me more confident. It's not easy to be a DJ as it takes a lot of practice and homework, knowing the trend and people's song choices. Challenging.



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