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Mix Us Happy Malaysia Registration 2018

Turning your DJ dreams into a reality is no longer a fantasy for those in Kuala Lumpur! Over the weekend at Le Noir, located in the TREC district of the city, Next Level Entertainment in partnership with Pioneer DJ Malaysia, started the Malaysian Leg of Mix Us Happy 2018.

Registration was packed with hundreds of excited applicants all hoping to realise their dreams of being a DJ.

While we were there we talked to Faisa, who came down specifically to sign up for the program spoke to us about why she wanted to sign up.

"I want to do more than just always dance, I'm interested in knowing what's going on behind the decks. Signing up for this program is a great opportunity for people like me who want to know more about the music and have interest in being DJs."

DJ Kooler who spearheaded the initiative told us why he decided to start the program in Malaysia.

“I’ve seen how it’s been successful in both Singapore and Vietnam and I felt that it’s time to bring it here to Malaysia. Even though Singapore and Malaysia have similar cultures you never really know what will happen. Hopefully our finalists will stay on to pursue DJing as a career.“

DJ Kooler with a potential contestant

“I want to do something for the younger generation. I want to see fresh DJs and help build young minds to put them into clubs. Similar to the other programs that aim to build a culture of unity and fun, I hope to do the same here in Malaysia”

Together with DJ Kooler is DJ Chinois and DJ Mie who will lead the lucky 12 contestants to their finals held later this year.

When asked what he wanted to do with the program DJ Chinois had this to say.

"Mix Us Happy is a platform for us to grow the Pioneer DJ Branding in Malaysia to help it standout in the DJ Community. We hope to inspire many young minds to pursue DJ-ing with their fellow finalists from Singapore and Vietnam"

DJ Chinois giving a little teaser of what finalists will learn in the program

DJ Mie added on to his comment saying, "Our goal this year is to show that this program can be done so we can get our brand recognised. It's only a matter of time before we will bring our program to the same standards of Singapore and Vietnam and help foster more togetherness in the Asian DJ community"

DJ Mie assisting a potential DJ achieve their dreams

Finalists will be confirmed with the results announced in late October with the program starting shortly after.

Do join us this weekend at Ice Cold Beer in Singapore for the Semi-Finals of the Singaporean leg of Mix Us Happy 2018!


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