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Nighttime Education: Adrian Yeoh

Continuing our series on DJs who are pursuing their dreams while completing their studies, we sit down with Adrian Yeoh who is both a producer and a DJ from Kuala Lumpur.


ADM: How did you get into Djing? 

AY: I got into DJing back when I was in high school. During that time it was the period of the EDM boom where I see all these top DJ’s on big festivals DJing in front of thousands.

During that time, I was keen to become one myself so I started looking up online and learned how to DJ by myself through videos I found online.

ADM: As a DJ who’s also taking full time studies, do you find it difficult to manage time ? 

AY: In a way yes, but I realised its about how well your time management is. You've got to stay disciplined and prioritise on what is important.

I practice my DJ set when I can but most of the time I’ll be in my bedroom producing music and making mashups to incorporate for my DJ sets. 

ADM: What are your plans after you finish University ? 

AY: I’ll definitely be looking for a job related to my speciality where I can. I enjoy audio engineering and for sure will be looking for a job that caters in the same field.

I’m have more of a producer and audio engineer's mindset, so I don’t really push myself out for DJ gigs.

I’m very particular in choosing my DJ gigs, the event and the club has to suit my particular genre and DJ style. 

ADM: Any advice to any of the other DJs who are still in university?

AY: The advice I would give is to start venturing into production. Get a software and start mingling around the software.

If you want to go for with a DJ career you got to have your own music and production to step up your game.

When you know how to operate your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), you can easily create mashups, edits, bootlegs and remixes. Play them in your DJ sets and you are one step ahead compared to the DJ that don’t know how to operate the software.


You can follow Adrian Yeoh at


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