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Nighttime Education: ZOEY

In our final part of this series we talk to the Champion of 2017's Mix Us Happy Vietnam, ZOEY, who is in her 3rd year of University while holding a residency in one of Vietnam's top Rooftop Bars, Glow Skybar.


ADM: How did you get into DJing?

ZY: I was only just a music listener, until Pioneer held a competition for non experienced DJs called Mix Us Happy. I signed up for it and never thought I would be so interested in DJing. I continued after winning Mix Us Happy Vietnam in 2017. 

ADM: As a DJ who's also taking full time studies do you find it difficult to manage time?

ZY: Yes, especially after I stopped taking freelance DJ shows and started work as a Resident DJ. Being a DJ is not that easy anymore, I have to keep updating the music but also keep within the musical stylings of my workplace.

For example, Glow Skybar - where I'm working at, they don’t want their DJ to play to much commercial EDM stuffs like other clubs while not being too underground. We focus mainly on Deep House Remixes of songs on the Top 40's, Vocal Piano House and sometimes more down tempo Future House. So I have to balance everything, it taken me a long time to search for the music and I have to do other work like creating mixtapes, branding, and social media marketing.

Besides that I'm now in my 3rd year of University so things are getting even crazier. It’s pretty difficult to manage the time but doesn’t mean we can’t. 

ADM: What are your plans after you finish your University?

ZY: After finishing university, I plan to get a day job that isn't too crazy so I can work on my DJ career at night as well.

ADM: Any advice to any of the other DJs who are still university?

ZY: If you don’t have time or money to follow your dreams, don’t be afraid. When you are in University it will be your priority to finish as soon as possible.

Take some of your free time to practice DJing and use some apps to get your music updated like Apple Music or Spotify. When you done with school, get a normal job (it may not let you earn much money from it but it’s stable and gives you some money to buy music, DJ equipment, and also help with your marketing). And finally, if you want something, just do your best and you will find the solutions to get it.


You can follow ZOEY at


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