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Pole Position: VICTORIA

One of Singapore's most prestigious parties needs one of Singapore's classiest DJs.

We talk to Victoria on her experience playing Podium Lounge this year


ADM: Having been to Podium Lounge as an attendee how does it feel to be playing it this year?

V: Being part of the fantastic performance lineup is incredible! The Podium Lounge has always been on point with delivering the best F1 parties, the feeling is excitement, a bit nervous but just so ready to be part of an amazing weekend party!

ADM: Which racer are you looking forward to seeing?

V: Although I am not a huge F1 fan, the buildup to the night race in my home city is massive and exciting as it is. Would be awesome to see and meet any of the racers of course, like Daniel Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc. I met Lewis Hamilton last year which was nice too! To me, just being part of the event and in the same room, is a great feeling already.

ADM: Being the most exclusive party of the F1 Season, what can the audience expect from your performance?

V: High energy mix of different music genre’s with my own twist on them. I’m constantly bouncing around and interacting with crowds so expect lots of smiles, laughs and of course be ready to dance and have fun! :)


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