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Rainbow Coloured Dreams: Fish Winters

A self-taught DJ and a major proponent for the grassroots Psy-Trance movement in Singapore, Fish Winters is also the head of Rainbow Productions and 7 Colour Records, an independent label from Singapore that produces Psy-Trance artistes.

We sit with him to talk about how this new genre is growing in the lion city.


ADM: How did you get your start as a Psy-Trance DJ?

FW: I started DJ-ing with my roots in the Free-form music genre, some would call it Hard Trance on steroids. As a shuffler/dancer, I was exposed to more music genres like Hardstyle and Psy-Trance. I got really deep into Psy-Trance after my mentor Joshen invited me to an event in a local club named GONG. What hit me right off was the energy and groove in the music genre. It was way off the charts from all the music I was tuning in to at that time. It was full of energy minus the negativity of violence, anger or hate, with the addition of peace, love, positivity, spirituality harmony. It was the music of the universe itself as the music played through my ears. So I decided to research and look deeper into this unique and wonderful genre. And I found an extensive archive of history, sub-genres and many things that I didn't know was related to the Psy-Trance culture. It really caught me off guard at that time and yes, I WAS SOLD.

Psy-Trance was my life after that. Getting to experience and learn about the Psychedelic Culture from all over the world became my way of life thereafter.

ADM: What let you to create Rainbow Productions?

FW: Rainbow Productions was created with the intention to provide DJs and Producers, (no matter you are a rookie or an A-lister) a platform to showcase their sounds and skills to a controlled environment and audience who share the same love for the specified genres, usually underground music genres, rarely heard in most clubs in Singapore.

As mentioned, most clubs would not accept rookie DJs or Underground Genres that are out of their comfort zones.

Therefore these events only happen in private events, small bars/clubs and only known within a small community of people. Rainbow Productions was then created and started the culture of monthly underground events in Singapore ever since 2015.

Many DJs was born since then, many grew to become well-known DJs in Singapore and have since started playing in bigger clubs like Zouk, Canvas and have ever since been invited overseas for events and festivals.

ADM: Do you see a lot of potential for collaboration between Singapore and the other countries in Asia? 

FW: Collaboration between Singapore and other countries in Asia and the rest of the world is no longer a myth or possibility as it has already happened a number of times. We have been doing collaborations with Thailand, Malaysian and Psytrance Communities. We even have big-time Psy-Trance DJs like Blastoyz, Wikileadz, One-eyed Nelio, dropping by for a visit and some spun for our events in Singapore.

There are lots of festivals ahead in the planning process already with DJ exchanges of many countries. Singapore is starting to grow for the Psy-Trance community, more and more countries in the region are starting to see what Singapore has to offer. The potential is there indefinitely and it is growing stronger and bigger every day.

ADM: Tell us about your upcoming American Show?

FW: 5 Years ago I was invited to Chicago, the USA to spin for Midwest Wonderland 2014. It boosted my DJ career exponentially ever since. 5 years later today, I was invited again to the USA to spin for a Psy-Trance Festival named Electroverse 2019 in August, following a tour for the clubs mainly near Milwaukee. It's always a great experience to be able to travel and spin for the love of your music. Getting to know more people and expanding the network of friends and DJs alike, is one of the most valuable things you can get when you travel as a fellow artist/producer.

Electroverse in its first year is excited to announce the beginning of something magical. A new place to call Festival Home.

Truly a free expression of creativity through music, art, performance and coming together to merge on the dance floors, under wide open skies, deep in the wilderness in rhythmic synchronicity with our universe and ourselves.

Our collective is building an extensive, multi-genre lineup for three equally impressive stages. Main stages are a thing of the past with us, we believe each of us is called to the frequency and no two souls are alike, in this, we offer a sound and vision journey that is unique and equal at any stage you wander upon.

With sumptuous deco-scapes to draw you in and inspire the imagination. Stunning visual sets and a meticulously curated, multi-genre lineup. Earthy and Modern, a fantasy that grows with each detail.

Our mission is to offer a fully immersive environment under open skies, a get-a-way, a release, a place to renew ourselves and our spirits through camping, music, art, friendships, fun, meditation, reflection and sharing an experience as one.

ADM: Anything else you'd like to say?

FW: Being a DJ/Artist is never an easy path. You will have to sacrifice a lot of time, money and putting in a lot of effort, with a "never give up" mentality be able to break through. Opportunities are ample. Its all about how much you want it to happen, how much are you willing to give before you actually receive and how you pick yourself up with failures after failures.

Not a single day I have given up my love for music for that is the lifeline of your DJ career. You will be criticized and judged by everyone, be it professional or people without musical knowledge. But each hurdle you overcome and not give up, you grow a level smarter, better or faster. Every gig you play, be it underpaid, or just a favour for your friend or family, is a step forward. Singapore is a very conservative country, even when it comes to music in the clubs.

The people are uncomfortable to move out of their comfort zones to try out new genres of music. However, that does not dictate your love of any particular genre. If you believe in something, go for it. Nothing can stop you but yourself. Your favourite Tribal Psy-Trance Chief, Fish Winters, coming to a club near you every month! Only if you can find me =)


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