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Rock Out At Home This December with Legacy Music Festival

Following up on the success of last year’s virtual festival which garnered over 100,000 views

over two days, the homegrown music festival - Legacy Music Festival, is back for its 3rd editionthis year. For the second year in a row, it will be held virtually due to the current restrictions in Singapore. “As much as it is a bummer not being able to do a physical festival, a digital one allows us to showcase a diverse line up across multiple genres”, mentioned Andrew T, Director of Legacy Festival.

Known for celebrating music regardless of genre, Legacy Music Festival’s lineup this year

features some of the best breakthrough and diverse musical acts, paired with some of the best talents from Singapore.

This year, the festival will be placing more emphasis on local acts featuring produced sets that will be recorded offsite at various venues across Singapore, at scenic locations in Sentosa and also on board a Yacht, with the remaining acts performing live from a studio.

“It’s been a bleak 18 months for the entertainment industry, but it is very important for us to still have hope”, mentioned Andrew T. “We tried to get as many local artists into the lineup as we can, not forgetting the technical production crew as well.” Andrew acknowledges that this festival is a culmination of people within nightlife coming together to do the thing that they love.

Legacy Music Festival is free to stream once again, and this is made possible from the supportit has gotten from sponsors such as Soundstream, Moet & Chandon, Belvedere and

Hennessy, SNOB by The Straits Wine Company, Fleek House, and Glam Salon.

Despite it being a free to stream event, Legacy and its sponsors are pooling together to provide funds for its local acts who have not been able to find gigs in 20 months due to nightlife still being shut in Singapore.

There were some difficulties that the tech team faced when recording the local sets offsite.

“Given the current restrictions, we had to limit the manpower that we have on set”, mentioned

Deepak Prashad, former head resident DJ for CeLaVi Singapore, who is now part of Legacy

Festival’s tech team. “The weather also proved to be an issue as some of the sets were

recorded outdoors”. Even so, he added that it “feels great to be part of the festival again

because we have to keep the music alive”.

“It was difficult to go ahead with a digital festival because last year we thought that 2021 would have been a physical festival instead.” Mentions Benedict Teo from Legacy’s tech team. “ This project comes from the heart and it isn’t about doing something glamorous, it’s about doing something that resonates for all of us”.

Legacy Music Festival will be aired on 17 & 18 December 2021, Live on Mixcloud featuring

Local and International Acts with 45 mins sets each.


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