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Solid Gold: KoFlow

A name widely known in Singapore as one of the top DJs ever to come out of the Lion City. From being a Singapore DMC Champion to being the first DJ to take up center stage in the Esplanade.

Having played around Asia and most recently having appeared on Rave Now in China, we talk to KoFlow about his recent exploits.


ADM: How did you find yourself together with Dharni on Rave Now after your successful Esplanade show?

KF: Dharni and I go way back. I knew him when he was 17 and brought him to my sets very regularly back then. For Rave Now, we both were invited separately, but we decided to do it together as Dharni needed a producer to help with his show and that’s where I came in.

ADM: Would you say that the Chinese could be the new frontier for DJ's in Asia to explore to further their reach as both performers and artiste?

KF: I would say yes – however, the Chinese audiences are slowly maturing in terms of musicality. They are realizing what’s good and what’s not in terms of music taste. When the time comes, they will be a huge market for music in Asia.

ADM: What do you see for the future of DJing in Asia for the next generation?

KF: For Asia, I see more producers than actual DJs in the next generation. We are hearing more work from up-and-coming producers nowadays, but in terms of great DJ’s who work well technically and sound good with all the necessary skills and trick mixing, this group might not be as big.

ADM: What are your thoughts on playing the Skechers Sundown Festival with big names such as Laidback Luke, Henry Fong and TokiMonsta?

KF: It was awesome to be back on stage with them again. It’s always great to know what style they are currently rocking and how receptive the audience is to that style of music.

ADM: That being said how did you end up bringing the widely acclaimed Red Bull 3style competition to Singapore?

KF: The Singapore Red Bull 3style team had planned on bringing the competition here, they approached me to be the head judge and the face of the competition for the Singapore leg.

ADM: What do you think we can expect from the DJs who would be competing in the competition?

KF: I expect them to do their best, for the new DJs to continually improve themselves, using the opportunity of this competition to prepare and train for the final battle.

ADM: Is there anything else you would like to say to any other aspiring DJ's out there?

KF: Don’t wait for a paid job to come in before you start preparing routines and content.

If you love it, keep practising and coming out with new routines and music. In other words, Keep working on your craft even if you are not getting paid, that’s the only way to be great at what you do!


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