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Techno In Thailand: OPTIKZ

Growing-up on metal and Punk Roots in New York's East Village, Optikz started his DJ career in NYC vibrant basement club scene.

Since then Optikz has performed more than 3,000 gigs in the past 24 years, having plated in NewYork, Philadelphia, Miami, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and many other cities & countries.

Most recently he has also performed at world class festival such as Epizode (Vietnam) and WonderFruit (Thailand).

As of now Optikz is one of the major movers of Techno in Thailand.


ADM: How did you get your start in DJing?

OP: I started hanging out in bars and clubs in Bangkok around '84. I loved seeing how people enjoyed themselves while a DJ played. I had a chance to DJ at a small bar with a Cassette Deck and that got me started and haven't stopped since.

ADM: As one of the main people pushing for Techno in Thailand how would you say the response is?

OP: It's starting to get better, we're slowly building the community and they're really starting to communicate. One of the thins I want to do is bridge the divide between the Local and Regional producers and help link them up with International Producers. Besides that it's really about connecting DJs and Producers who are based in Thailand in their love for techno and maybe bring everyone out of the country to experience DJing around the world.

ADM: What's next for you in Thailand?

OP: We're trying to support the dance music scene in Thailand right now. We think by improving the quality of events, people from all over will definitely come by and party more in Thailand and help us boost the industry to create more clubs and bars for DJs in the future.

ADM: What would you like to do with the community you've built for Techno in Thailand?

OP: Firstly I'd like to educate our Thai DJs on how scenes overseas come together to build and grow. If they can do it out of Thailand, there's no reason we can't do it in Thailand. For example, if we had an underground party right now it might not work as well since not everyone in the underground music scene are communicating, but if we were to get everyone to work together it'll be a great success.

Ultimately the goal is to create one big community that communicates and doesn't exclude each other based off genre. That way everyone can have a good time playing in Thailand, whether you're local or a foreigner.



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