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The Music Hunter's Guide to The Sunburn Festival 2018

If you're in India celebrating the coming of the New Year, you definitely have to find yourself in Pune for the Sunburn Festival. Now in it's 11th year, The Sunburn Festival is one of India's longest running music festivals and something that everyone should experience.

On the chance you are there and you're not sure who you should look out for here's our Music Hunter's Guide to The Sunburn Festival 2018!


1. Nucleya

As one of India's top music producers, Nucleya is a name that you have definitely heard before. Gracing stages such as EDC Mexico and Las Vegas, Nucleya has played at amazing locations such as Singapore and Dubai and is ending 2018 in his home country of India.


2. Shaan Gidwani

Coming straight out of Mumbai, Shaan Gidwani is a DJ not to be missed. Playing around the region, Shaan is known for rocking a party mixing your favourite dance hits with the latest sounds!



A hiphop duo coming straight to you from the Bay Area, THEMXXNLIGHT (pronounced The Moonlight) are identical twins, both being the vocalists, who seamlessly weave their melodious, ethnic vibrations in to their exotic masterpieces. The enigmatic duo has worked with Wiz Khalifa on his newest mixtape "Rolling Papers 2" and are definitely one of the performances we're looking forward to this year!


4. Zephyrtone

Childhood friends don't get better than this. This duo has toured across Europe and charted around Asia. With hits such as "Hear Me", Zephyrtone is bound to leave you wanting more from the dance floor!


5. MojoJojo

Similarly named as the iconic Powerpuff Girls Villain, MojoJojo is not your average DJ. Having released a series of bass heavy hits in the last few years across India, MojoJojo only crime that night will be leaving you with a bad case of Bass Face!


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