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The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In Asia

Back in the Mid to late 2000s, Electronic dance music began to rise in popularity again especially in the united states, with EDM elements used in pop songs such as "I gotta feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas and EDM artists such as David Guetta and Calvin Harris gaining international popularity, EDM from what was underground grew into a worldwide phenomenon to what it is today, a 7.4 billion dollar industry.

Almost after a decade, growth in the western market has begun slowing down and major festival organisers and artists have begun to turn its attention towards Asia due to its young growth stage. Major festivals such as Ultra Music Festival began its expansion towards the Asian market since 2012 and in recent years have seen international brands such as Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy Carnival made its entrance towards the region. With a massive increase in audience and a huge untapped market, it is apparent that Asia has become the new port for the EDM industry.

Although Asia still has massive room for growth in the EDM industry, there are much more challenges faced such as the conservative culture, Strict Government restrictions, drug-related deaths and improper infrastructure. So could all these factors potentially slow down the expansion in Asia?


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