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Top 5 New Tracks To Listen To In October

Are you bored of your usual playlist? Looking to explore new artists and music? Fret not! Asia DJ Magazine has selected our top 5 new tracks of the month of October! We're sure you are gonna enjoy it as much as we do!


1. 22 bullets vs. Goldfish & Blink - Konichiwa

A collaboration between Thailand's 22 Bullets and Malaysia's Goldfish & blink, "Konichiwa" is a hard hitting EDM banger released under Revealed Records. Get ready to jump with this one!


2. Ambroz & Dasa - Baila Riddm

A collaboration between 2 Sri Lankan DJ/producers, Ambroz & Dasa. "Baila Riddm" is a groovy moombahton track released under Moonstone Records. Be sure to check out this unique track!


3. Wild Karot - XXVII

Released by Singapore based, independent producer Wild Karot. "XXVII" is a melodic future bass track that hits deep and hard. Wild Karot also recently released his new EP "Red Mercury" last month, Be sure to check it out!


4. Kimmese - YSW

A sizzling hot hip hop track by Vietnamese rapper Kimmese, YSW features heavy 808s and catchy lyrics that will definitely get u bobbing your head! Rap fans don't miss out this one!


5. RayRay & Gianni Marino (feat. Shimica) - Like That

A trio collaboration of Taiwan's DJ Rayray, Amsterdam's Gianni Marino and Hong Kong based vocalist Shimica. Released under Barong Family Records, "Like That" is a track that packs powerful vocals and filthy trap drops. "Like That" is part of RayRay's new Purple Alien EP released last month, Get ready for some serious headbanging!


Have a suggestion of any tracks that you think we should talk about? Drop us an email here!


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