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10 House Music and Techno Record Labels based in South East Asia

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

We've collated 10 of our Favourite South East Asian based House Music and Techno Record Labels.


Asia Music based in Manila, Philippines has been releasing music since 2007. Supporting up and coming Asian music producers; Alinep (PH), Hadiid (MY), Herb Cabral (PH) Indra7 (IDN), Apsara (IDN), as well as the likes of house and techno masters Eddie Richards (UK), Satoshi Fumi (JP) and Ken Ishi (JP).


Founded by Kane Ian back in 2007, Dustpan Recordings has shared their groovey house music ever since. With a west meets east feel, there rosters comprises of predominately western artists with some big names like Angelo Ferreri (IT) Demarkus Lewis (USA) but have also signed South East Asian artist like Cyril Yarisantos (PH), Kane Ian (SNG) and Louis Sangki (IDN).


Run by Vietnamese film score composer B.A.X (VN), ex-founder of HRBR (Harbour Saigon Records), Holy Grail Music is a new electronic music label for local and international artists.


LeftRight was founded by Timsdub (IDN) while living in Australia but found its home in Jakarta, Indonesia and has truly supporting the local talent in his country and South East Asia.


Love International is an ever-evolving collective of like minded artists, musicians and creative beings who have met through the international club/dj/music scene. Headed by Malaysian DJ/Producer Raysoo who keeps himself very busy within the South East Asian scene. He has signed many regional and local acts such as SWTLKR, Dan Buri


Midnight Shift Records is a record label and events organisation established in 2009 and based out of Singapore and Berlin.

The label's first EP, 'The First Shift' was released in October 2012, featuring artists Basic Soul Unit from Toronto and Eddie Niguel from Singapore. To date, the label has a catalogue of some 20 releases on both digital and vinyl formats, and a roster that includes artists such as Tapirus, John Heckle, Deetron, Ultrademon, Recondite, Mr. G, KiNK and Andreas Gehm (RIP).


Moon Island Records, the first House music record label in Koh Pangan, Thailand, spearheaded by Rob Gritton, captures the magical islands very own unique sound. Famous for hosting the worlds biggest monthly beach party as well as being one of most beautiful party spots in the East. Showcasing talented DJ's and producers both resident and international, the names that rock the parties on the island every day!


More Rice is collaboration between friends in Bangkok and Manila who shared a vision for a vinyl only label showcasing homegrown Asian talent. Every release will be limited to 300 copies to be distributed by Lobster Distribution and found in record shops worldwide. Their last release was by Tarsius (PH).


Sweatbox Records is a non mainstream electronic music label that encompasses the music direction at the well known weekly Kuala Lumpur parties with the same name- The Sweatbox, organized by Art Xtreme Media.


Run by Huy Truong (VN) and the head of Heart Beat, Christoph Wolter, both DJs within the Saigon underground scene. The label has a mission to undercover the new world of Vietnamese based and affiliated techno artists with a wide music policy, open to exploring all corners of the club environment and beyond.


Jun 11, 2019

Soulmatters Recordings (Singapore)


Jun 11, 2019

Eyes To The Front/ETTF Music has had its tracks played by &ME, Denis Sulta and Culoe De Song. Surely worth a mention, no?


Jun 11, 2019

What about Neverest Records and Soul De Anima? I think two pretty essential labels on the Asian market!

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