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ADM Selections: The Down and Under: Bestial Evidence

Singapore's first full length Psytrance Album has been released! With it's first single "Mind Sanctuary" having been featured as one of the anthems of this year's Electroverse Festival.

The Down & Under: Bestial Evidence by Fish Winters is a wild psychedelic trip that brings you on a journey to a higher plane.


1. Mind Sanctuary (Electroverse Anthem 2019) [feat. Joshen]

2. Busytown

3. Exit

4. Fo

5. Lost

6. Occulus

7. Sakura

8. Shiva Is a Trancehead

9. Stay

10. Tears of Gaia

11. The Kangaroo

12. The Ostrich Bounce

The Down & Under: Bestial Evidence is on all major streaming platforms.


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