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Annyeong! The Korean Invasion of the Dancefloor!

Korean Pop Music, or K-Pop has been making waves in the recent time with names like BTS, CL and BlackPink becoming a common sight on request slips around Asia.

Starting with the genre's first international breakout hit in 2007 "Nobody" by the Wonder Girls, to the latest in K-Pop with BTS taking the lead working with top acts such as Steve Aoki and Desiigner for a remix of their smash hit "Mic Drop". K-Pop has been on everyone's minds and with at least one song definitely on every commercial DJ's playlist.

Without forgetting, we definitely have to give credit to PSY's "Gangnam Style" that became the largest K-Pop song in the world during it's run. An act that brought mainstream attention around the world to this soon to be world dominating genre.

As the landscape constantly shifts in the Dance Music World, so does it in K-Pop. As a form of popular music, K-Pop itself boasts numerous styles and genres in each and everyone of it's hits with many of them being excellent examples of genre bending.

All that's left now for the genre to permeate further into cultural memory is for Korean artiste to push more projects overseas and in English to reach to a larger audience without alienating their base audience.

Examples of such are already starting to take flight with the recent release of "Kiss And Make Up", a collaboration between BlackPink and Dua Lipa. It's only a matter of time before K-Pop becomes an even larger influence for our commercial music scene.


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