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Bangkok Invaders: Mizz-G

One of Thailand's best musical exports, Mizz-G will be playing at Bar Rouge this Friday 15th November! Be sure to check her out.


ADM: How did you get your start with DJing and joining the Bangkok Invaders?

MG: It started 5 years ago. I really liked clubbing, especially places that played Hiphop, Pop and R&B. I’ve been listening to this type of music since I was younger. 

I figured it would be cool if I can choose own music to play at the club, and for a crowd. I started to take DJ lessons and prepare myself to become a DJ. From my first academy, I learned the basic steps, but I wasn’t good enough yet to mix Hip Hop the right way.

I ended up with Bangkok Invaders because they are the top in the Hip Hop and DJ culture. They have been my favourites for a long time, so I decided to join the Bangkok Invaders Academy.

Down the road my DJ skills improved a lot, making me brave enough to mix different things in a different way. I started to get more gigs in big clubs where I could play what I like and how I like. When DJAYBUDDAH asked me a year later to join the Bangkok Invaders, I didn’t hesitate to say yes right away!

ADM: Do you think the DJ Scene in Thailand is more difficult for female DJs, especially with the perception that many people have on female DJs?

MG: At first it was very difficult because nobody really wants to book a DJ that doesn’t have a name yet. It pushed me to practice a lot, release mixtapes, videos and pictures and focus on my social media. Through the Bangkok Invaders, I got more club gigs which got me more confidence. I kept believing in myself and got support from people around me, which led to people believing in me as well.

ADM: To date, what's been your favourite show that you've played and is something that you remember for a long time?

MG: A big club has invited me to come to play for their anniversary. I got to play exactly what I wanted. The crowd loved it and the club was very happy. This was a lit night and I loved it!

ADM: What can we look forward to for your show in Singapore?

MG: A lot of energy, great vibes and a lot of dancing!

ADM: Is there anything you'd like to say to young aspiring DJs from Thailand?

MG: Keep practising and believe in yourself. Ignore negativities, keep pushing yourself & show them what you got!


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