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Does Saigon ever sleep?

Vietnam is host to a vibrant nightlife scene up and down the country, from your city skapes to your beaches. Known for its popular street drinking, Saigon's nightlife varies from one district to another. But does the city ever sleep?

We dive into the possibilities of the ultimate 24 hour party!!!


Its finally peoples favourite day of the week when the hustle and bustle of a 9-5 job ends and for most its where the real fun begins.

For the underground music lovers....

7pm-12am Dinner and Cocktails


Hidden amongst the chaos of District 1 lies Knick Knack where their nights start with jazz, latin and into a bit of house whilst you wash you tapas down with a cocktail or for those straight edgers apparently their mocktails are delightful.

Continue the chill vibes in Broma with a diverse selection of in house cocktails, international & local craft beers. With its perfect location around Nguyen Hue Street, it has caught many local and foreign attention. With DJs playing House, Deep House, Nu, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop.

.....Or alternatively....

A new place in town, one of the latest projects by HypeAsia. This place has high hopes for the neighbourhood and already featuring some of the best local artists.

If you like to wine and dine in the light of the city skyline then Glow may be your choice to start your weekend with some vocal house beats.


In the heart of District 1, The Observatory began as a multipurpose space that served as a platform for different types of art and music events. Hosting nights both for international and local acts, from DJs to live electronic musicians and bands, it's a place to have a good sound-trip of underground music.

A Rooftop bar and club right in the heart of Saigon. Perfect to dance the night away through the early morning, although you could start here and end your night here with a few relaxing cocktails. The Lighthouse is another great night for you house music, techno and disco lovers.

5am onwards


And back to Broma for Vitamin D, pretty much the only after hours place in Saigon with great DJs that dont fall shy of tiredness to keep the party going.

and If you still dont want to go home......

12pm onwards


For the cities best Sunday party hit up Arcan for Hazy Lemons, starting 12pm on Sunday. The music curator of The Lighthouse

For the Mainstream lovers....


Step it up a notch and gather some friends on the highest rooftop lounge in Saigon to sip some bubbly in their low-lit champaigne garden, perfect for couples who like a romantic setting. Or to have a bite to eat from their delicious menu whilst you are entrained by their DJs, dancers or guest singers.

This place can offer you a very ambient setting for your pre-party antics but also can turn into the party-goers dream up in the sky.

Diners here may enjoy sharing style Asian Fusion inspired dishes and an inventive array of seasonal cocktails. With DJs and guest singers performing every weekend to set the mood right.

Despite mentioning Blanchys for the mainstream lovers, this venue does dabble in the underground music scene that host international DJ parties from time to time. Its an ultra chic Cocktail Bar, Club and Restaurant in the heart of District 1 which supports both local and international DJs.


Being named Saigon premier nightclub for many years, its a great place to let your hair down and meet new local and foreign friends. With a garden to take a breather but certainly be ready for a good boogie inside.

With a steady mixed crowd whether that be backpackers, expats or locals, it offers a fun night with great value for money drinks and a good mix of pop and EDM music and dancers to keep your eyes entertained.

Republic Club

For your big room EDM, Trance and Hip Hop lovers this is a great club to let loose in but expect to be an entrance fee.



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