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From Dreams To Reality: Jeremy Aw

Jeremy Aw was just another teenager with big dreams before he became part of Pioneer DJ Asia's Mix Us Happy. Despite not getting to the finals, Jeremy has not let that stop him from achieving his goals a DJ.

From playing at small bars, to dodgy clubs, Jeremy Aw has since moved up from his humble beginnings to play at clubs such as Zouk and is now one of the local supporting acts at Skecher's Sundown Festival.

We sit with him to talk about his journey from dreamer to DJ.


ADM: How has your life changed since Mix Us Happy 2 years ago?

JA: My life has absolutely changed for the better.

Since then I've learnt to be more responsible and independent as an individual as well as in a team. Gaining new knowledge and experiences has been exciting and it set me on a path to places I normally wouldn't dream of going.

I've always believed in putting in effort in order to achieve what I want. If there is no pain, there is definitely no gain.

Life is like an echo, you sow what you reap, but everything at the end is just a matter of time and patience.

When I was 14 year old, I wanted to play on a big stage and I believed that I needed to put in a lot of effort and determination or else I would be stuck in my comfort zone. After joining Mix Us Happy when I turned 18, thats when i found my chance to realise my dream to learn DJing at an advanced level and also gaining myself a group of friends whom I can discuss ideas with.

ADM: What has happened after Mix Us Happy?

JA: After Mix Us Happy, I managed to join DJSENTER where they groomed me and let me play at multiple clubs and stages in order to improve myself on my skills. From those experiences I learned how to capture the crowd's attention and what kind of music to play under different circumstances.

ADM: So how did you end up playing at a festival like Skecher's Sundown Festival

After getting into local DJ scene, I got to know a person who was promoting for Sktchers and he was sincere in giving me a chance to play at the festival. I am very thankful and appreciative for the opportunity.

Shout out to SHAH for giving me a chance to prove myself in this event as well as a chance to see all other DJs who are playing too.

ADM: What's next for you after Skechers?

JA: What's next for me after Skechers is definitely improving myself and also having more chances to play in other events. I will make full use of every opportunities which I have to enhance myself in order to create a better me. As we only live once so YOLO~


You can follow Jeremy at


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