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Interview: Aly and Fila

2 of the most prominent names in Trance and definitely our favourite export from Egypt, Aly and Fila will be playing FOC Sentosa in Singapore on 26 October 2019. We sit down with the enigmatic duo to ask them on what they think about Trance in Asia


ADM: Having toured Asia multiple times, what are your thoughts on Trance in Asia and it's growth over the years?

AF: We have been touring regularly for last 13 years, and its growth is there to see, there are so many big events in Asia, Festivals, Ultra, Creamfields etc which all include Trance on their line ups and also the massive Transmission events have taken place in Asia. We also are hosting our annual Future Sound of Egypt 600 celebration in Bangkok on November 9th with a stellar lineup :) Trance is certainly big in Asia

ADM: Are there any artists from Asia who you enjoy and would like to recommend?

AF: LTN has always been a great producer

ADM: How much further do you think Trance will grow in the future with the sound evolving and merging with other genres?

AF: It is important that talented producers come through to keep the scene growing, the pioneers of the sound are also doing such a good job in helping it grow. There are so many categories now within the genre, a bit of everything for everyone, would be good to have trance on more mainstream radio airplay though, that will help to keep growing the genre. But also when we play longer sets we don’t just play trance, we play from deep house to progressive to techno into a trance , our radio show also has this mixture, good music is good music

ADM: What would you like to say to those who will be coming to catch you on the 26th?

AF: We are playing a long set, expect a journey :) see you all there



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