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Interview: BANGROZ

One of the heaviest bass acts coming straight from Seoul, the Bangroz are a pair of bass loving brothers producing the coolest K-Pop tunes in the day and the dirtiest bass drops you've ever heard at night.

We sit with Greneman from BANGROZ to talk more about their music


ADM: How did the BANGROZ Come About?

BRZ: Originally when the BANGROZ started it was one producer and one rapper before it became me and my brother.

My brother learned how to DJ from Steve Wu. He met Steve while he was in Showdown, a Hip-Hop and RNB Dance and Music club in HanYang University.

When my brother started DJing, I wasn’t into dance music at that time but I was really into trap. My brother eventually introduced me to the wider genres in music.

Eventually we got together and I worked with him as the MC and since we’re both the Bang brothers we decided to call ourselves the BANGROZ.

ADM: How would you describe your music?

BRZ: We really care about sounds and how they play out. We’re not masters at it but we’re working on it.

When you hear the BANGROZ we want you to think bass and 808. I connect to bass cause I played a lot of bass and percussions in high school, with that said we want to be known for good bass music.

ADM: We’ve seen you work closely with AltrXEgo from Guam could you tell us a bit more about what’s up in Guam?

BRZ: For us in Korea, the audience isn't really into Bass. They mainly like Melbourne Bounce and EDM.

But here in Guam, there’s a serious Bass scene here where you can see they party very hard. When you're in Korea and you play the music we played during our last party here, they’d be annoyed. However, here out in Guam during the last Keep It 100 party with AltrXEgo we saw a whole bunch of people head banging with us and partying their hearts out. It's a really good place for Bass DJs to play.

One other thing that makes us like coming to Guam is that it’s really easy to reach from Korea and quite affordable.

ADM: What’s next for the Bangroz?

BRZ: The projects we're working on right now is mainly Korean Hip-hop and Electro Trap. We wanna bring more bass to Korean music. There’s a lot of dance music now in K-Pop but they not really club and festival music yet. We’re looking to make more dance hits that can be used in festivals and clubs.

We’re looking to work with more Korean artistes to make more club and festival hits. I mean there are more shows for DJs around the world than just as a performer. We want to bring as many artistes as we work with to all these festivals and shows.

For now we're looking more into doing a house album. It's going to be more Bass House but you can tell it’s definitely from us.


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