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Into The Future of Zouk: Che'Molly

If you've ever even heard of Singapore you've definitely heard of Zouk. Listed as the 3rd Best Club in the world by DJ Mag in 2018, this club is the oldest dance club in the small island state.

Having opened its doors in March 1991 at its former location along Jiak Kim Road, it shifted locations to its present day location at Clarke Quay in 2016. Despite changing its address, it's popularity has not faded in the least and still boasts a full house every weekend since it's re-opening.

No stranger to daring to be different, Zouk today carries the same spirit of exploring music by bringing the best of best from around the world to grace its hallowed stage. This pioneering spirit is also seen in their much talked about and highly respected resident DJ's.

In this series, we look at 3 DJs who represent the Future, the Journey and the Impact of what Zouk has on the Dance Music Community in Asia.

We start with Zouk's first female resident DJ, Che Molly. Having started DJing in 2013, Che Molly has had her own successful career before starting her journey with Zouk. Famed for her versatility and ability to entertain any crowd, this young DJ has earned her way into the very exclusive world-class team that helms the decks of the 3rd best club in the world.


ADM: How has your journey been from being a free agent and then becoming Zouk Singapore's first Female Resident DJ?

CM: It has been very exciting! The team has welcomed me warmly and has definitely started a fire burning in me to bring out better tracks each time I get on set.

Besides staying updated with the latest trends, I’ve started to explore old records that get me inspired to influence and educate my crowd.

ADM: What would you say set you aside from other female DJ's who might have been up for consideration?

CM: Versatility is crucial for the role as a resident DJ.

Being well-travelled is important too. I have headed to a variety of music festivals around the globe which has given me a chance at understanding how international audience parties and work a crowd with different styles of music, not necessarily just sticking to one specific genre.

ADM: What would you like to say to all the other female DJ's who would look to you as an example and role model?

CM: Never give up. Put in all your effort, give it your all, set your heart to it and never doubt yourself because doors will start to open. And when that happens, you have to seize that moment!


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