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Kinekt: An Audio Visual Experience

FACT: Kinect technology is also used to guard the Korean border.

Upon reading the title, Kinekt, I instantly imagined some sort of energising kinetic performance with the hypnotising effect of Cymatics, a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. Which is what Kinekt is however computerised via coding. Kinekt itself is an innovative technology, a combination of hardware and software contained within the Kinect sensor accessory.

This project in South Korea is an Audio/Visual project by Marcus L (DJ/Producer) a London-bred and Berlin-brewed Korean DJ, producer, club and label owner & Claude (VJ) incubated under the idea "MUSIC ONLY". ''Seeing is believing' but this does not work exactly on the dance floor.' stated Marcus L. 'Our current world is full of "Seeing" only - media aspects. (Instagram for example) I was questioning myself, what if we can not see the actual DJ behind the booth? What if we do not care about the "look" of the artists? Will we be still dancing?'

Is it important to hide the DJ? 'I would like to ask back "Why do we think it is important to see the DJ?". Would you not dance if you can not see the DJ? Did you come to the dance floor to see the DJ? or to listen his/her music itself?'.

Take a look at the Wall of Sound for example, an event produced by DVS1, which is not only a physical object, but also a social experiment into the idea that the DJ does not need to be in the spotlight taking center stage. They chose to put the DJ all the way in the back of the room in total darkness, allowing the sound system to be the main focus.

Marcus L shares the same ideology, by providing them with a unique visual/aural experience.

The importance of audio visual in delivering a successful event shouldn't be underestimated.  It means the difference between another monotonous event and a real experience that leaves you with a lasting message.  In the current digital age, the opportunities are endless.

For the moment Kinekt will be focusing on how they can adapt to different conditions of venues. 'Of course our visuals can be collaborated with many different visual artists and there are tons of technology we can still adapt into (like AI / hologram, etc). With hopes to work with different visual artists and plan to present globally and for people to understand what we are trying to do in this current dance music culture.'

Kinekt kicks off Friday 28th June at Faust, South Korea.

Have a listen here to Marcus L's latest mix for Rinse France.


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