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Live Mix Maestro: KONG

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Happening on the 30th of March, we're looking forward to the this year's Live Mix Maestro.

Here's a look at the first contestant KONG


ADM: How did you get your start as a DJ?

Kong: How I started was by pure coincidence. My uncle who was a taxi driver found a Numark Mixtrack 2 at the back of his boot at the end of the day’s shift. Having no idea which one of the 10s of passengers’ equipment it was, he gave it to me not knowing what the “rectangular toy” was.

Google and Youtube then became my best friends, as I attempted to teach myself everything from beatmatching to scratching. With nobody to learn from and no friends with similar interest, it was honestly a very lonely journey for the next 4 years. I peered over other DJ’s shoulders to see what they were doing, wrote down songs that sounded good together and then went home and practised really hard to duplicate what they would do.

Though it was a very tiresome journey, I never once thought of quitting and always prided myself on winning a competition “sometime in the future” to make it all worth it. I think this is a good reflection of my passion for DJing that will help me win this competition.

ADM: What would you say makes you stand out in comparison to your competitors?

Kong: I am confident that I am the most hardworking DJ amongst the 8 finalists. With a keen attention to detail and zero tolerance towards sloppy musicality, my routine will be both pleasing to the eyes and ears.

ADM: What should we look forward to on the 30th?

Kong: Close to 6 years of trial and error. The cumulation of the best of all these years will be showcased in 7 minutes.

ADM: Anything you'd like to add for people who are interested in this competition?

Kong: I’m glad to see so many up and coming DJs in this competition this year (for the past few years it has always been the same names in all competitions). It warms my heart to see people of my age having the same interest as I do. I wish everyone the best of luck!


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