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Live Mix Maestro: PIN

Only a week left before the finalists show their skills!

In this one we talk to PIN


ADM: So how did you start DJing?

PIN: I first started my journey when i was introduced to Electronic Music Production (EMP), the DJ-ing club in Republic Poly and coincidentally, Vira and Chua were my seniors then!

ADM: What makes you different from the rest?

PIN: I guess i am pretty open minded when it comes to different genre of music so i’ll definitely try to use that to my advantage and showcase something the audience will enjoy and be familiar with.

ADM: What would you say makes you different from the rest?

PIN: My best effort to put on a good performance for everyone and definitely using this opportunity to learn a thing or two from the other 7 finalists!

ADM: Anything else you'd like to say before the competition?

PIN: Yeah...I actually had a very hard time trying to complete this document! Taking solo pictures and doing mini write ups about myself is definitely NOT my forte LOL!


You can follow PIN at


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