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Live Mix Maestro: Sean Murphy

Only 7 more days before the 8 finalists of this year battle it out!

Today we look at Sean Murphy!


ADM: So how did you get into DJing?

SM: I started DJing when I saw my cousin toying around with a Denon controller in his bedroom and that sparked my interest. When I enrolled into republic polytechnic I joined an interest group known as EMP where I finally had my first hands on experience in DJing.

After learning the basics of DJing, the club gave me the opportunity to perform in front of a live crowd for the first time for a Halloween event! Then I pursued DJing at E-Tracx after I stepped down from EMP and I learnt about turntablism and more ways of being creative in my mix over there!

ADM: What makes you different from the other 7?

SM: I am the most creative DJ amongst the 8 finalists and I am willing to think outside the box to make my sets as creative as possible.

ADM: What can we expect to see next Saturday?

SM: Expect lots of creativity, musicality, surprises and a little pinch of technicality from me and the other finalists as we will show you that DJs do way more than just pressing the play button!

ADM: Anything else you'd like to say?

SM: This competition really opened my eyes and showed me where I stand in the DJ industry, also it helped me step out of my comfort zone!


You can find Sean Murphy at


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